Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Ritual object(ive)

I got out the map today.

Five tiny multi-coloured beads skittered across the table.

I put on my apron.

The apron smelled of fire and is covered in drips of wax.

I got out my beautiful bowl, my jug and buckets.

They reminded me how they sing. Beautiful things to hold.

We are going back to the Cathedral this time during the sleepout in aid of the Whitechapel Centre on 6th April. Something meditative while money is raised and we all think about what it is not to have a home.

The process of making these objects and this action meaningful is complete. There is no pretense. I expect something to happen.

Who will I meet? What will we share?

I have butterflies in my stomach. I am excited. I feel connected. I feel inspired.

I can't wait.